Tex-Mex Black Beans with Tri-Color Peppers

When I was growing up my mom was the person who would cook mostly all of our meals. Sometimes, during special celebrations, like birthdays, Easter and New Year’s Eve, my dad would grill beef and chicken on his charcoal grill outside on the back patio.  My mom never used recipes when she would cook, but no matter what she made it was always delicious.


Fast forward 20 years. We still get together for family celebrations and holidays, however, now we take turns hosting at each other’s house.


We also celebrate major holidays with my mom’s cousin. She lives just south of Houston in Missouri City. I’ve always called them my Tio Hector and Tia Anna, Tio and Tia are translated as uncle and aunt, respectively, and of course my cousins Anel, Areli and Hector.


Since as early as I can remember, and that’s a long time, regardless of the holiday, celebration or location, there has always been one constant. I am not using the word ‘always’ figuratively, when I says always, it means every single time. Let me also clarify that the one constant was not just for family gatherings – this was for every meal.


I suppose I could call it a staple food in our family. Beans.


Not that I minded, I actually really enjoyed having beans everyday. My mom would usually make pinto beans. She would cook up a pot nearly every weekend. Then she would divide up the cooked beans into smaller portions and freeze them to use later in the week.


Now that I have a family of my own, although I do not serve beans everyday, it has become a common staple on our dinner table. Did I mention they freeze very well? Here is a delicious recipe I have put together. It has become a family favorite and hope you will enjoy it too.

Tex-Mex Black Beans with Tri-Color Peppers

Tex-Mex Black Beans

Tex-Mex Black Beans

16 oz Dry Black Beans

Chicken Stock
½ cup Onion, diced
1 EA Bell Pepper, Green, diced
1 EA Bell Pepper, Red, diced
1 EA Bell Pepper, Yellow, diced
4 EA Garlic Cloves, chopped/minced
2 TB Cumin
2 TB Salt
½ Tsp Black Pepper
½ Bunch Cilantro, minced


Soak and drain beans as directed.
Fill pot with chicken stock, 3 inches above beans and put to simmer over low-med heat.
After an hour of simmering,add onion, bell peppers, garlic and cumin.
Allow to simmer, slightly covered for 1 hour.
Season to taste with cumin, salt, black pepper and cilantro.
Continue to simmer until beans are cooked to your preference.


Have you made this recipe and have tip or suggestions?  I would love to hear them, comment below and let me know what you think.




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