Chorizo con Huevos y Papas, Mexican Sausage with Eggs and Potatoes

Chorizo con huevos

This recipe is great for an anytime meal or snack, and with potatoes, egg and chorizo who could say no?


I’ve always enjoyed cooking.  I cook to express many different feelings.  My husband knows when I’m feeling upset because I’ll serve up something that looks like Thanksgiving on a Friday night.  


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just cook like this when I’m upset.

When I’m really excited I like cooking up new desserts and pastries.  If it’s a Saturday morning, I enjoy serving a big breakfast with fresh coffee.


Despite the connection between myself, my feelings and the kitchen, these are not the memorable cooking moments.  The moments that fill me with joy.  Like the extra squeeze from a hug or a warm wink from across the table.  


My favorite memorable moments in the kitchen are when my kiddos come to me and ask me to cook for them.

That is what inspired this post.  My son Taylor came to me last night and asked me to make him “chorizo con huevo” (sausage with eggs).  It is the last week of school and finals are underway.  School is now half day sessions, so lunch is on me.  



Chorizo is a type of Mexican sausage.   It is fresh ground meat seasoned with chili pepper and spices, such as: black pepper, cumin, oregano, coriander seeds.  It is sold fresh and uncooked and you will usually find it with the other uncooked sausage at your local grocery.  

When purchasing chorizo, make sure you check the ingredients to ensure it is gluten free.



Huevos is the Spanish word for eggs.  Here are a few egg facts

  • Promote normal liver function
  • All 9 essential amino acids
  • 6 grams of protein
  • Great source of Vitamin D
  • A hen will lay 300-325 eggs a year
  • Older hens produce larger eggs



Chorizo con huevos


Chorizo With Egg And Potatoes Recipe


1 Tbsp             Cooking oil

⅓ cup              Onion, chopped

1 cup               Potato, cooked, diced

5 each             Eggs

4 oz                  Chorizo, thawed

To taste          Salt/Pepper

7 ea                  Tortillas, corn


  1.   In a saute pan, heat oil on medium heat
  2.  Add onion and cook 2-3 minutes
  3.  Add chorizo and cook 3-5 minutes
  4.  Add potatoes, cover and cook 5 minutes to ensure even heat
  5.  Move potatoes to the side of pan before adding eggs
  6.  Season eggs with salt and pepper
  7.  Add and cook eggs for 1-2 minutes
  8.  Fold potatoes into eggs and continue to cook to your preference
  9.  Heat/toast tortillas on a skillet
  10.  Spoon chorizo con huevos into warm tortillas and garnish with cilantro

Enjoy 🙂


Leave me a comment.  Tell me how yours turned out.




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