Restaurant Style Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Taquitos

Restaurant Style Gluten Free Chicken Taquitos


Finally.  Step by step instructions on how to make restaurant style chicken taquitos.

But that isn’t the best part of this post.

The best part is that you can indulge in these round crispy goodness knowing they are gluten free.


In this recipe I used chicken, however, you can easily substitute the chicken for beef, shrimp, pork, tofu or any other protein that suits your taste buds.




A taquito is small round tortilla filled and rolled with meat and cheese, then fried.  Taquitos are sometimes also called flautas.


Restaurant Style Gluten Free Chicken Taquitos

Serving Size: 12 – 15 taquitos


1 c          Chicken, cooked, diced small

1 tbs       Cilantro, chopped

1/2 c       Cheese, finely shredded

1/4 c       Coconut Oil (med-high temp)

Gluten Free Corn Tortillas


Sour Cream





  1. Warm your chicken in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, depending on its strength.  Taking care not to overheat.
  2. Carefully remove chicken from the microwave and stir in cilantro and cheese.
  3. Once the cheese and cilantro have been fully incorporated with the chicken, you will notice that the chicken mixture holds shape because the cheese has slightly melted keeping the chicken from separating.
  4. The corn tortillas will break apart if you try to roll them while they are cool, you must warm them up first.
  5. Place 3 – 4 corn tortillas in a clean and small plastic bag, I used a sandwich bag and it worked very well.  Then wrap the bag in a clean dish towel.  Place the dish towel with the tortillas in the microwave for 45 seconds.
  6. Warm oil in cast iron skillet on medium/low heat, 4 if temp options are 1-10.
  7. Remove tortillas from the microwave carefully.
  8. Place one tortilla on your cutting board and fill with 1-2 tablespoons of your chicken mixture.  Spread evenly across the  tortilla.
  9. Roll tortilla and secure using a toothpick.
  10. Place taquito in heated cast iron skillet, seam side down and cook 2 – 3 minutes on eat side until crispy.
  11. Remove from skillet and serve with your favorite salsa and sour cream.
  12. Enjoy.


A couple of tips from the Chef:

  • Half a rotisserie chicken from your local deli works great for the chicken in this recipe.
  • I use coconut oil because it does not absorb into the tortillas, keeping them light and crisp.
  • Flat toothpicks work better than the round ones.
  • Most importantly, have fun with this recipe and make it your own





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