A Family’s Mission Trip To Haiti

Would you ever consider taking your spouse, two teenage kiddos and yourself on a mission trip to a third world country?

A country where nearly half of the inhabited area was almost wiped out by a hurricane just a few weeks prior?

To serve in a village where a majority of the population does not have electricity and water is gathered from a nearby well?

You know, I didn’t think I would do it either.

But, I did.  And I am so happy and thankful that I didn’t give into fear or allow obstacles to get in the way.

Haiti 2016


October 2016, my husband, our teenagers and myself embarked on a journey of a lifetime.  Although planning for this trip began in February.


We took this trip through our church’s national and world missions ministry.  Each trip is unique in location and purpose.  This particular mission trip was open to families.  And I felt more at ease taking my kids because my sister and her husband had taken this trip just the year prior.

Since we were staying at a mission our job was to work with the staff and interns in completing daily chores and activities.




Haiti 2016

Missions Team

Houston, Texas



Flying into Haiti



There was not an empty seat on the plan as we flew into Haiti.  We live in such an amazing country where people from all over the United States were going to serve in some way.

I met a man from Nashville who was traveling with his wife and a team of nurses.  They were on their way to serve in one of the hardest hit areas of Haiti.


Church under the tree

Sunday morning was the first ‘work’ day.  We, our group from Houston, held children’s church in the morning.  We player freeze tag and Simon says.  Then we taught them a couple of songs, This Little Light Of Mine and The B-I-B-L-E.

After children’s church we had church services under the mango tree in front of the mission. Church services are held outside so that everyone is welcome to worship.nate-roof



Nathan was part of a construction team that went into the village to replace damaged and dilapidated roofs.  On the second day Nathan was pulled from the team to work with another Haitian crew on a smaller house.  He quickly became friends with the foreman and said he enjoyed working, talking and hanging out with them.  

Working on a roof with a mission team member from Kansas




The house they were working on was small and they finished that same day. The next day the lady of the house asked Nathan to pray for her and to ask God to bless her house.  When Nathan was telling the story he had so much love in his eyes and we could see how God was blessing this woman through Nathan.

Roof construction Haiti




On Tuesday we went on a prayer walk. This is where we walked around the village and asked people if they wanted us to pray for them. We would ask the family if they had something specific we could pray for them about.  Their requests surprised and touched me deeply.  Their number one request was “to remain in God’s will for their life”. It was not money, health, clothing or better circumstances, it was simply to follow God and His will.  Can I get an amen?

Team washing


Wednesday was laundry day – not laundry for us, but for us to go out into the community and do laundry for the villagers.

It’s not hard to find someone doing laundry because everything is washed by hand in a basin of water near a well.  




Mom and Taylor laundryWe were able to use this opportunity to connect and build relationships with the village people.  We all walked away with raw knuckles, pruned fingertips, and a happy soul.  


Later that afternoon we went into the village to pass out tickets for the senior program held at My Life Speaks. The senior program gets seniors from the community and brings them in for light exercise, bingo, a craft or activity and a hot meal served to them.img_0250


Painting with the seniors through the elderly outreach program.










Playing bingo





We also helped with the daily children’s feeding program.img_20161026_161849157

The feeding program is for children who would otherwise go hungry because lack of money and resources at home. And for many of them this may be their only meal.  




The children’s feeding program




My Life Speaks feeds about 150 children from the village daily, these children range in age from 3-8 years old. They receive a multivitamin, then sing a few songs, say grace, eat and then leave.



Every day began with a morning prayer.  It was such a blessing for me to hear a community member pray in their native language.

God hears all of our prayers.



While we were walking on the shore we came across a boat anchor made from sticks, rocks and rope.

Village School

Village School


Driving through Port-au-Prince we could see that there was still much destruction from the massive earthquake that hit the country in 2010.


Our lives will never be the same since taking this trip.  And we are very thankful to our family and friends who helped make this trip possible with their prayers, support and encouragement.


To learn more about the mission in Neply, Haiti please visit their website: My Life Speaks


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